19 February 2017

3 things.

1. I recently saw the light and got a Kindle, and I LOVE it.  I'm kicking myself a little for resisting the idea of an e-reader for so long.  I still love actual books, but the Kindle... what a revelation!  I can get a book I want to own, but not necessarily give precious shelf space to.  My life is forever changed.

(My life would be forever changed twice over if Amazon would marry an e-reader and a typewriter so I could do basic word-processing without giving myself screen headaches.  Help me out, Bezos!)

An unexpected joy from owning a Kindle has been their ads.  When you buy a new Kindle you can pay a little extra to remove the ads for e-books or Kindle accessories.  I say to you: leave the ads!  I see the most outrageous books through these ads, and some of them have made me laugh so hard at their ridiculous 3-line tags.  They are so dramatic and corny and hilarious, and I actually look forward to seeing them.

This is a snapshot of one I recently sent to Jon:

Ten Thousand Hours: How do you get from a one-night stand to happily ever after?  Practice, practice, practice.

We couldn't decide if this was a nonfiction guidebook written by a dating expert or an amazing work of fiction where the main character is dead set on proving that a healthy, loving relationship is possible even if it starts out as a one-night stand, even if it means dozens of failed attempts??  I think I'd rather live with this delightful mystery forever than find out what this book is truly about.

2. I've been watching Legion on FX as it has aired (two episodes so far), and it's still too soon for me to tell if it is a show I'll stick with.  But so far I have enough questions I mean to have answered so I'll keep going for now.  Again it seems I have gotten into a show where the main character is highly unreliable (previously: Mr. Robot).  My extreme dislike for unreliable characters is something that was instilled in me in my writing courses (very very VERY rarely executed well, so it's just a mess to read and wrap your head around)(but fun to critique), but I've somehow managed to put it aside for television shows lately.

Besides, this one has ties to the X-Men universe, so I'm in.  Those ties are pretty loose so far, but the potential for some tightening in the future is very exciting.  My understanding is that all mutants aside from David are completely original, which I find exciting.  (I'm not at a point in my X-Men fan-ness where this prospect is blasphemous).  Fingers crossed that the characters I like are actually real and not figments of David's imagination.  Dang unreliable MCs.

(Wanted: a podcast that delves into the X-Men universe geared towards people like me who like it enough to want to be well-versed in it, but don't want to go through the trouble to reading a million comics.)

3. I was shocked to learn recently that the man who plays David in Legion is also Beast in Beauty and the Beast.  (He also had a role on Downton Abbey, according to my mother.   Though I confess I'm not one for period dramas and have never seen it.  But my favorite reference to the show EVER is when Donna of Parks and Recreation says that Downton Abbey is her favorite book.)

Three loud WOOTs for how excited I am to see the new Beauty and the Beast.

If Theo was old enough, I think I would take him to see it with me.  He has been LOVING the original movie and we watch it fairly frequently.  Mimicry is something we are seeing more and more with Theo as he watches various shows, but never does he react more than when he's watching Beauty and the Beast.  Especially Gaston, which is hilarious to watch... but it's not lost on me that my toddler takes most to the awful, womanizing pig of everyone on the show.  (Albeit, with the best speaking and singing voice - it's hard for me to say no to a baritone with impeccable enunciation!)

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