27 February 2017

3 things.

1. We don't habitually buy movies blind, but when it comes to the latest Disney movie we feel pretty confident that what we are about to buy won't be a regret.  I think my only partial regret purchase was Inside Out, which is indeed, a fantastic movie.  But I also find it to be deeply and intensely sad, especially as a parent.  Like, it hit me not too long ago that all of Theo's memories with us right now will end up in The Dump soon enough, and it was such a depressing realization.

Anyway!  We bought Moana last week, which I was dying to see for so long.  Now I have each of its songs on rotation going through my brain every single day (I AM MOANAAAAAAAAA!!!), and I can't stop thinking about how beautiful the movie is.  The water!  The hair!  It is a stunning movie, both visually and aurally.  Not since we got Mad Max: Fury Road have I wished we had a newer television with which to fully appreciate movies like this (related: the coconut army scene was a little Fury Road-esque, no??).  Moana also made me want to go back to Hawaii immediately and to learn how to sail.

The story was a little lacking, which made me confident in my prediction that Zootopia, which had the better story (social message), would win the Oscar.  But I was secretly pulling for Moana because it was just too beautiful to not root for it.  (PS: Kubo was also a visual feast, but again: made me super sad!)

2. Speaking of the Oscars, ummmmmmmm...

I think this was my first time watching The Oscars all the way through, and I was only looking for a handful of things:

- That Moana somehow miraculously beat out Zootopia for Best Animated Film.  BUST.
- That Suicide Squad could never be able to be known as "Oscar-winning film Suicide Squad."  BUST.
- That How Far I'll Go won Best Original Song.  BUST.
- That Viola Davis won her category.  SUCCESS!

I simultaneously got less and more than I asked for.  But I think my biggest takeaway was that Jimmy Kimmel should never host again (repeatedly making fun of people's names??  what the hell, man?) and that Justin Timberlake should have kept the microphone after his performance and hosted the rest of the show.

3. A funny and weird thing happened the other day over the course of a couple of hours in the afternoon.  I began weeding our lawn, and when I started one of our neighbors drove by with the windows down and a Kid Rock song playing loudly.  And I thought, huh I guess they're still playing that song on the radio.

30 minutes later, I'm still weeding, and the neighbor leaves their house and drives by again.  The song is still playing.  Then I think, huh it wasn't on the radio, they own the song.

One hour later, I'm relaxing in our backyard, and the neighbor comes back home.  And the song is STILL playing.  And then I was like, not only does this person own this terrible song, but they have it playing on repeat!  and they feel totally confident and good about it!!

It was bizarre and hilarious, and I laughed to Jon for a good long while about it (he was present for the 2nd and 3rd drive by).  Thank heavens for strange neighbors with interesting music tastes and an insane amount of self-confidence.  They make the world a truly entertaining place.

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