13 February 2017

3 things.

1.  Last week I finally arrived to the Stranger Things party.  Jon already watched it back in the summer, but he rewatched it with me because I don't do scary stuff unless I'm not alone and the lights are on and my arms and hands are free to cover eyes or ears.  It actually wasn't too bad, horror-wise.  But it was excellent program!  I get it now.  Not just the crazy obsession with the show, but also the torment that grew after that commercial for season two showed that it isn't coming until Halloween.

2.  Theo wore his first shorts of the year this week.

We live in a truly weird place.  Shorts weather in February?  Even Jon, who is not bothered by Phoenix's climate even when it is obscene said it was too soon for it to be this warm.  And it really is.

3.  SNL has been giving me quite a bit of happiness lately, and if you haven't seen Melissa McCarthy as her "Spicey" character, get thee to Youtube immediately.

I'm finding that my preferred method for consuming current events lately is via late night comedy shows.  During the day it's all news updates, but after the depression has set in I go to the shows that talk politics and admit how insane things are while also managing to make jokes and laugh.  My preferred outlets are Stephen Colbert's monologues, Seth Meyers's A Closer Look series, Saturday Night Live, and Last Week Tonight, which just came back last night and thank heavens because I've missed John Oliver greatly.

By no means am I recommending that you inform yourself of current events via these comedy shows, but they offer much needed supplemental laughs in a time of unrest.  So have at it, and enjoy a laugh or two.

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