18 July 2016

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watching: When I was in Utah last month, I saw the mini-series The Night Manager.  And now I finally get Tom Hiddleston!  This might be the one thing that my mom was way ahead of me on, and I just didn't really understand the appeal until now.  Heart-eye emojis all around!  My only regret is that I did not achieve Hiddleston-enlightenment before he got involved with She Who Must Not Be Named.  Kind of a "when one door opens, one door closes" situation.  Nuts! (btw, I'm still not convinced that he can be James Bond, but I'm open to it.  I mean, anything to see that guy dressed to the nines more often.)

reading: I've been reading and re-reading The Food Lover's Guide to Paris, which is simultaneously an act of fun daydreaming and self-masochism.  It's not until I saw a compilation like this and considered what has cropped up since its publication (and what wasn't good enough to be featured) that I realized exactly how much cities have to offer in terms of food.  And that doesn't even cover cultural institutions and iconic landmarks!  Every once in a while I see people who challenge themselves to work through an entire cookbook, which I have contemplated myself.  But if I lived in Paris, without a doubt I would challenge myself to work through this food guide.  I have no doubt I'd be a better (and bigger) person for it in the end.

listening; I just started an audiobook of Cooked, by Michael Pollan, which I have mentioned here before with regards to the Netflix series that was created from the book.  And so far I like it.  I must admit I haven't always been so successful with audiobooks in the past, but I am determined to complete this one.  I have checked out the physical book a handful of times and the audiobook has been sitting in our computer for months... I need to relieve myself of this baggage!

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