16 July 2016

SLO 2016. (where we ate)

Most of our eats happened in downtown San Luis Obispo, and one was in Morro Bay.  There are a couple of repeats from last year, and pictures this time!

Hofbrau, a repeat, and located in Morro Bay.  We visit this place every year, and with good reason.  The French Dip Roast Beef Sandwich is to die for.  Here's a video of one of the great heroines of our time: the woman who was carving roast beef for the sandwiches:

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And here's the sandwich itself:

Looks humble, tastes amazing.

After the meat slices and your choice of cheese are put on the bottom half of the roll, the top half is dipped into the jus before it's placed on top and then the sandwich is pressed for a couple of minutes. It is a miracle of meat and the best roast beef sandwich you'll ever have!

SLO Donut Co, our other repeat, and home of our first round draft pick for Maple-Bacon Donuts.  As was the case with Lamar's and the glazed donut, our search for the best maple-bacon donut started and ended here.  It's a little insanely priced at $3 a bar, but because we only get to eat them once a year, everything was justified.

And now, our downtown SLO eats for this year:

Old San Luis Barbecue Company: Normally for barbecue we go to F.McLintock's during Farmer's Market Thursdays, but we were not there on a Thursday this year and we wanted to try something new.  Old SLO BBQ is a walk-up window joint just a few doors down from McLintock's.  And it does NOT disappoint.  Without a doubt, order the Tri-Tip Sandwich.  We ordered one to share and I think secretly we both regretted only getting one right after we each took our first bite.  It is an amazing steak sandwich, and it was so good I didn't even think to take a picture.  We also ordered their french fries and garlic bread - good accompaniments to the sandwich.

El Matador: Good Mexican food, and their bottomless chips and toppings bar is a nice feature (don't assume all of the green sauces are non-spicy guacamoles though, poor Theo had his first negative experience with too-spicy foods.  the tears were silent, but big and fat.)  I ordered two carne asada tacos and they were delicious, non-greasy, and didn't leave me feeling twenty pounds heavier or sluggish.

Splash Cafe: This little place is right in between Pizza Solo (which we visited last year and enjoyed) and the Barnes and Noble (which we frequent heavily on our trips).  We ordered a cup of their chowder and their fish tacos (Baja style!) and both were very good!

But as I passed the other diners, I kept seeing all of these amazing sandwiches that people had ordered and suddenly regretted that I had somehow become completely blind to the sandwich portion of the menu.  So!  We went back another night and I ordered the Smoked Salmon Panini and it.was.so.delicious.  Regret instantly eliminated!!

And so, I officially bring our 2016 trip to SLO to a close.  Fin!

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