17 August 2016

a blog post that will interest absolutely no one except myself.

Here I will discuss some things that are completely not related to "my brand," but I have to get these thoughts out somewhere so I can move on with my life.  And if somewhere out there there is, in fact, a person who has noticed or thought about each of the following things, I think it's safe to say we are 100% soul mates.  (that person does not exist.)

1. I am currently working on a conspiracy theory involving Pete Davidson, of SNL, and this H&M model:

Either they are the exact same person, or Davidson has a twin sister he isn't telling anyone about.  I'd say it's a pretty solid theory.

2. ASU football has a WR on their roster named Kyle Williams.  This is only significant because it is actually the SECOND WR named Kyle Williams to play for ASU in the last 10 years and I'm dying of memories of the elder Williams.  Half of them are extremely fond memories of cheering for the him at games my eight years ago (he was so good, you guys... the best to root for).  The other half are extremely traumatic memories of him fumbling a punt return for ASU at the end of our season and breaking my heart... AND THEN! doing the exact same thing twice (TWICE!) for the 49ers and ending their Super Bowl dreams in 2012.  Anyway, cheers to the new Kyle Williams.  Fork 'em!

3. For a while now, my email inbox, junkbox, and, as of this week, phone messages have been littered with unasked-for messages from a certain political candidate.  And you know what?  I have never felt so murderous in my entire life.  Honestly, it's enough to be bombarded with this person everywhere as it is, but invading my personal spaces is not okay!  AND FOR THE RECORD I DID NOT ALLOW MYSELF TO BE SUBJECTED TO THIS HARASSMENT, NOR DID THIS HAPPEN BECAUSE I AM WEAK AND POWERLESS.

4. Finally.  As of an hour or so ago, the men's soccer final match in Rio on Saturday will be Brazil vs Germany.  YOU GUYS!!  I have been waiting for this matchup since the World Cup semifinals two years ago.  I always think about that game, and I will never forget my attempts to live-text Jon the scoring updates.  I could not text fast enough at one point, and I had to pause the updates to inform Jon "this is actually happening, i'm not even joking."  I also have the headline "Germany scores a Brazilian times" seared into my brain forever, but hopefully that all ends this weekend.  I'M SO PUMPED.

postscript:  I will return to the regular scheduled programming next time.
postpostscript: I did not expect to use the all-caps that much.

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