11 July 2016

SLO 2016.

We spent the 4th of July weekend in our tried-and-true escape destination of San Luis Obispo, California.  Every time we visit we feel so lucky to be there, it's just the best place ever!  Here are some pictures:

Top: peeking into the close Growing Grounds Downtown, a place I have passed by and admired from the outside for years but have never gone in.  Maybe next year!
Bottom: greens for sale at a little farmer's market in Morro Bay.  FANG!

A new-ish establishment in Downtown SLO, the Celadon House.  It is the most beautiful home goods store I have ever been in.  I couldn't not walk in and admire everything each time we walked by (which was a lot, we went downtown at least once a day each day of our trip!)

And of course, a visit to our favorite spot on the coast in Cambria.  It might just be the most photogenic spot ever, I take a bunch of pictures each time we go!

Lastly, a little video I made of Theo roaming one of our favorite parts of the country:

Until next time, SLO!!  We just love you.

UPDATE: I totally spaced and forgot a huge chunk of pictures I wanted to post.  Whoops!

This could be one of my favorite pictures of Theo.  He's got both of his favorite things in each of his hands: his dad and his own fast food cup of water.

A wall we passed in Morro Bay.  Fashion bloggers take note, this is the hottest pose nowadays.

Theo's first encounter with the ocean.  We weren't expecting to stop at a beach so we were not dressed to get wet.  Luckily, Theo mostly ran away from the water (colddd!!!) on this occasion.

And then the next day, he was TOTALLY into it.  Hopefully one day I get to take him to the beaches we loved in Maui where the water temperature is perfect!

And here's evidence proving that I was, in fact, on the trip.  Theo wasn't really interested in taking a nice picture with me.  Also I absolutely photoshopped my legs in the bottom picture because they were blindingly white, and I don't want anyone to think I'm part ghost.