07 July 2016

this june.

June is always a busy month for us, and this year was no exception.  Here's what we did!

In the middle of the month we celebrated Jon's 30th birthday.  At Carvahlo's, of course!  We are forever in love with this restaurant.  Theo was so in love with their complimentary fried plantain chips that he forgot he liked our main course and refused to eat any of it (more for us!).  But of course he didn't forget that he liked pudim de leite (Jon's favorite dessert from Brazil) and happily shared with Jon.

After Jon's birthday was Father's Day.  We had a quiet relaxing day of hibernation (it was 118 degrees outside that day), and the only memento I have of the day is a picture of the boys taking a nap together.

The next day, Theo and I drove up to Utah to send my brother off on his mission.  Airport pics!

And I can't post that last picture of my siblings and me without posting what very well might be the second most recent picture of the four of us together:

You're welcome.

Theo and I spent the rest of the week hanging around in Ephraim.  We drank soda, visited the backyard chickens, and ate lots of pagaent food in Manti.

And then we drove home and Theo was presented with his very own rocking chair that Jon made while we were gone.

And finally, Jon and I passed the three year mark for our marriage!  The day itself was just a regular day, but we celebrated during the July 4th weekend.  It's funny how it's harder to remember the dates and years of when things began to happen for us ("was it 4 years ago?" "no wait it was 5 years ago, right?" "actually it was 6") but our wedding day itself is still as sharp in my mind as ever.  I feel lucky every day to have him by my side!

Goodbye, June 2016!!  I think you might have been the hottest one I have ever experienced.  Feel free to not top yourself ever!!

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