09 October 2013

arizona's northern lights.

On Monday night Jon and I were driving around and had the distinct pleasure of seeing one of the more incredible sunsets I've ever seen in my life.  There were thin lines of clouds that got caught up in the light too, and they almost outdid the sky in color.

In the car I said, This is like the desert version of the Northern Lights.

As it happens, the Northern Lights are happily on my "see before i die" list, while Arizona is on my "do not die here" list with boldface font, three underlines, and five million exclamation points.  Personally I think Arizona and I have run our course, and we're due for a separation.   I really have little desire to keep living here, and I definitely don't want to die here either.

However.  By sheer virtue of the comparison I made, there is in fact, a part of me that admits sometimes it's nice to live here.  Phoenix is a funny place because you have to look really hard to find the pretty things on a normal day, but every so often the skies make it so easy and obvious.  They may only last for a few minutes out of the whole day.  But for those minutes, they sure are pretty.

I like to call my Arizona years my growing years.  In the beginning it was fun.  So much fun.  It was everything that I wanted from college.  And then it got hard.  The growing was painful.  And then it was fun again for a while, and then it got really freaking hard.  And then I turned 23, and contrary to what everyone jokes or says or sings about, my 23 was a damn good year.  The skies were pretty almost all the time.  And honestly they're still pretty, even after 23.  I don't often forget about my blessings and the amazing things that have happened to me during this growing period.  I just feel that this part is over, and it's time to try something new.  If for nothing else, then to end the Arizona years while things are really good.

So I say we're due for a departure, but we're not yet overdue.  I can stick around a little longer.

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