02 October 2013

first quarter earnings report.

recently the newly established company, jk inc., finished out its third month of operation, and the first quarter results are now out.  here are some points of interest:

(note that "they" refers to the two parties involved, namely jon and kristin.)

- they successfully moved three weeks into marriage.  they like their new digs very much and can't even remember the day-to-day things of their first few weeks in their last place.  this suggests the ability to transition well.

- they spent many many many hours together in a car for ten days and didn't even fight.  this suggests well-matched temperaments and also a really awesome trip.

- they've only had ice cream in the freezer about every other week.  this is NOT indicative of old habits dying hard, but that they find certain traditions they like and stick to them.

- they still don't have a dining table, but the extra expense on a table isn't necessary right now.  (the couch has proven to be a pretty good alternative.)  they know how to cut fat and do without.

- if/when the two parties find themselves at odds, they are pretty great at keeping cool heads and finding a suitable compromise.  bipartisanship at its finest, it works people!  (take notes, gov't!) (jk) (HA)

sounds like a pretty great company, am i right?
want to invest?  we'll talk.

(photo c/o lang photographers)

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