05 September 2013


hello, it is still summer.  is it still monsoon season too?  it didn't do much for us by way of rain (apparently we live right beneath an invisible ceiling that blocks the rain), but the clouds.  holy puffy cotton clouds that were straight out of my dreams.  i'll never get over those beautiful fat clouds.

anyway, everyone else seems to be in between seasons right now.  all the things that signify fall is coming or is already here are constantly on my mind and all over the internet: colored leaves, cooler temperatures, pumpkin-flavored everything, aaaaaaand... football.

this list enrages me because i love all of those things and don't have any of them.  not a single one, it's not even close to being fall here.  (yesterday was 110 degrees.)

the temperatures and the pumpkin stuff i can get past.  eventually it will be november and then it'll be cooler and it won't seem weird to burn a pumpkin spice candle.

and football, oh football.  right now it's not looking so great for our sunday night football tradition.  but i still say my prayers, mind you.  (also!  pleased to be saying "tradition" and i'd just like to announce that jon now knows more about football and sometimes will even throw down some football jargon in every day conversation.  it goes straight to my heart.)

and then the leaves.  there's nothing quite like pretty red and orange leaves on the trees, trying to hang on before they fall off, turn crinkly, and get scooped up into trash bags.  i've been thinking a lot about all of those leaves lately, especially the pretty pennsylvania leaves, mostly along the lines of "i haven't seen them in five years."

and now, maybe never again!  my dad recently accepted a new job which requires the last pennsylvania-bound half of hoodlums to move to utah.  it's all terribly exciting, really.  i'm a huge supporter of change, which more than cancels out my admittedly weak (but slowly improving) support for utah.

but still, all of those places back east!!  there's hardly reason to go back to our favorite spots now, it's really sad to think about.  the other day i had this realization that last christmas was my last one there.  and all of those other "lasts" starting popping up.  last time at dorney park, and lancaster, and even our family trips to d.c. in that same old marriott hotel.  (oh that marriott, and the smell of chlorine all throughout the lobby.)  and the leaves!  a crushing "last" to remember, since it was five years ago.


but change, it is good.  it is so good and thrilling.  it is, i think, the essence of fall.  (insert english-major-essay here.)

(this picture is of provo, but the hoods are moving to ephraim, home of the badgers and maybe something else!)

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