26 August 2013

not even attempting transitions here.

thursday: asu classes started , and jon isn't enrolled in a single one.  HEYYOOOO!!  this means that holidays like labor day and veterans day can actually be days off instead of "let's catch up on school today."

i'm still in the whole school environment on account of me working there and also taking institute classes with real students because: ASU PARKING FEES.  on the first day of school i got run down on the busy walkways at asu, as one does on campus.  only get this: i was on a bike, and the person who ran me over was just a normal walking pedestrian.

the students nowadays, i tell you.  they're a new breed.

saturday: in case it wasn't solid before our relationship with apple is top-notch, thanks to the biltmore geniuses who replaced jon's phone for free.  (but no thanks to trenton at the scottsdale quarter store or that guy at the san francisco store!)  jon is now a man back in iphone business and not out 200 dollars.

(also, thank heavens for a job as a staff member at a university to qualify for the education discount when we actually buy things instead of just play with them at the store.  not being a student has its perks, but those student perks?  the best.)

sunday: wouldn't you know it, but we ended up watching some random episodes of grey's anatomy together.  and while jon and i were covering our eyes at the bloody parts i told him "we're desensitizing ourselves and doing this for our children!"

fact: jon and i are not suited for blood or open body cavities or the squishy and squirty noises that come with them.  he once passed out in a class and got accused of sleeping, and i pass out a lot and sometimes break my face as a result.  also we get light-headed and a little sick during especially gory episodes of criminal minds.  and i once passed out from watching an episode of grey's.

so.  we recently came to the conclusion that our children are either going to be incredible wimps like us, or they're going to be crazy independent because they'll know that mom and dad will be unconscious when they come home bleeding and realize they gotta take care of themselves.

blood and wimpiness aside, now jon has had just a little glimpse into how messed up our characters are on the show (and doomed, apparently).  and if he keeps watching he'll see why izzie is THE WORST.

today: the ladies in my office area just came to the firm conclusion that "that girl is just nasty" speaking of miley cyrus.  and heck if i know exactly what they and twitter are talking about, but it's kind of funny because i have not heard so quite a passionate statement made in a really long time.

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