09 September 2013

staying inside and an idea for a photography reality tv contest that should be more than just an idea.

this morning has been deliciously rainy and drizzly and it looks like it should be 60 degrees out but it's actually in the 80s and it's not that bad.

only now we're crossing the line to "more rain than phoenix can handle" and i'm wondering if i'll be able to get into my house without getting water in my shoes.  drainage systems here aren't exactly hurricane-ready.

anyway, we have been holed up in our house the last little while as if was really raining, but really it only rained saturday night and sunday morning.  so.  we've just got an intense homebody streak going on.  in our defense, we recently got some new toys and they are strictly for indoor play only.

i've been going through each of our photos bit by bit to edit them, (and i'm missing our trip so badly) and the longer it all takes the closer i think i'm getting to the point where i need to have an opinion on actions and presets - but i'm also not interested in investing the time and energy into having and defending that opinion.

i will say though, those vsco styles, however trendy/hipster/fad-like they might be, really save those photos i like that aren't quite sharp enough.  i think the grainy, film-like quality of it matches the blurriness.

anyway, jon has been up to other things.  video things!  he made this over the weekend:

dudes we're so the next big "mormon photographer and videographer couple."  not!

and now, a proposal: a photography reality tv show contest.  someone who knows how to make a tv show needs to consult with me so this can exist.  i have all the rules and people involved in my head and i think it's a pretty great show.  nobody needs more model tv shows or singing tv shows or freakshows who can swallow and regurgitate weird things.  but a photographer reality tv contest?  get that.  all the mormon photographers would eat that up for one thing.  and for another, annie leibovitz is broke and needs a job as a judge on my tv show.

i will be pitching to nbc in the hopes that i'll have two or three less degrees of separation between me and bob costas and jimmy fallon.  you want in on this?  talk to me.

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  1. "we're so the next big 'mormon photographer and videographer couple'."
    I love it.