22 July 2013

the happiest and hottest day.

when jon and i picked our wedding date back in april, this is what we were thinking: well, let's time it in the afternoon so people won't feel rushed to get down here from SJ.  aaaand, it will be in the hundreds, but probably no more than 110, and monsoon season won't be here yet so it won't be humid. and who knows, maybe we'll get lucky!

when jon and i were driving to the temple to get married, this is what i was thinking:


the car said that it was 121 degrees outside.  but you know those car thermometers, always saying it's hotter than it actually is. (it only got up to 116 that day.)

i was frustrated and sweaty and worried about all of the other people who were going to be with us who had to be outside in the afternoon with us.

at one point i exclaimed, why is it so horribly hot??
and do you know what jon said?

we're heating up the place with all of our looooove!

BARF.  but also, it was a really funny and sweet thing to say at the time and it did calm me down and i felt better.  enough to realize that i was about to get married and be insanely excited.  it's wedding day! i kept shouting in my head.

(which, i discovered, if you say it fast enough sounds like "it's sweating day.")

anyway.  it was really hot, and now i don't ever have to say it again.

now, how about a million pictures!

SJ boy band anyone?

<3 seesters <3

of course, it was wonderful and joyous.  we were so happy to have as many of our family and friends there, and seeing these pictures with all of the people we love is the best.

(and as always, thanks to stacie and geoff for taking our pictures!)


  1. Great pictures Kristen! We are so happy for you both!

  2. Congratulations Kristen & Jon. We loved seeing the photos! We are so happy for you both!

  3. You are so beautiful, Kristin! Love the pictures. Congrats!