29 July 2013

from the weekend, PLUS some pictures.

kristin in HD

kristin in HD

kristin in HD

kristin in HD

 these pictures are of places in our new neighborhood.  some parts are so quaint, and so not-like-the-desert.

PLUS.  pine trees and pine cones, are you kidding me?!  i can't wait for it to really cool down and to go for walks and bike rides around here.

until then, i guess we'll just have to stick it out in the heat here...

...OR go on our honeymoon, which is almost here!!  yesterday it really hit me that our trip starts next week and i am balls to the wall psyched.

PLUS.  jon the champion of all things to be champed, was a total trooper this last weekend and put in 24 hours between friday and saturday to try and meet a deadline at work.  (perspective: he worked more in two days than i work in a week.)  one of the better results of all of that working is that we get to add a couple of extra days to our trip and spend a little more time in the places we're most excited to go.  hooray for champion husbands!  he has definitely deserved extra helpings of loves.

PLUS.  it's our one month anniversary today, yeah!  we are so happy and so blessed.  :)

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