22 July 2013

moving is never relaxing, especially over the course of a week.

all last week we moved our things from one house to another.

at first we thought it was awesome that we weren't in a rush to have to move everything in one day.  we can relax and take our time! we thought.  we'll just move a few boxes a day, no pressure!  so that's what we did, starting last monday... and then by wednesday we were living in the middle of two places, i had no idea where any of our things were, and i wanted to die.

i think i've determined that moving is one of the most sobering experiences i've had in my life.  like, on saturday i hated myself for having so much stuff.  what's that, ANOTHER cup?  no thanks i already have one and soap is a thing in my life, so i can use it over and over and only need this cup for the rest of forever.

not to mention it's really depressing to move all of your cold-weather clothes when it's hot and humid and your guy tries to reassure you saying, just a few more months!

but after a week we are finally living in just one house, and now we're just trying to find a place for everything.  or just accept the fact that some things might be lost forever.

and we have internet now, so we can watch something besides dvds!  my collection of which, is really random and kind of terrible.

(but i have no regrets for watching annie this weekend.)

the end is in sight!

(but not pictures of our house because it is a wreck!)

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