15 July 2013

something crazy happened to us last week.

and no, i do NOT mean to say that we saw two ridiculously awful movies in one week, although it definitely happened, and i am revoking jon's movie-picking rights for at least the next movie.  maybe even two.

to which jon was like, does this mean you're going to make me watch some weird, artistic movie?

and i'm thinking, well maybe it does, but sorry buster, you have to watch it because you made me watch jack reacher and pacific rim with only three days of recovery time after seeing the first one.  and don't think i've forgotten about that warm bodies thing!


what i mean to say is that we're moving!  (across town, but still!)  we've been casually looking for the past month or so, going back and forth between general locations, do we rent an apartment or rent a house, and then there was that one time where we were seriously thinking about buying a house, but somewhere after thinking when did i became an adult and i'm not cut out for this we decided to definitely rent for now and we found a good general area to look at.

so last monday i told myself we had to get serious and really find a place soon or else it would be too late.  (we're trying to be out of our current place by july 31st.)  and wouldn't you know it, the very first place i looked into that day turned out to be where we're currently in the process of moving into.  we visited the place on monday, sent in our application on wednesday, got approved that same day, the guy told us he'd let us move in early, and on saturday morning we got the keys to our new place.

it's really exciting but also a little sad to be leaving our house now.  as jon put it, we had both of our first kisses here!

but change is good.  and jon said last week that he still feels thinks of our current place as "kristin's house" so it's really good that we have somewhere that is the both of ours.

and of course we're crazy glad that monsoon season is here and promises to make the weather pretty unpredictable for us when we move everything.
in other crazy exciting news, i discovered the existence of this soda business in utah (which makes utah slightly more appealing to me) and their famous "dirty dr. pepper" which i decided to make myself last week (it's dr. pepper flavored with coconut) and SHOOT it's good, but i also added some vanilla in there and i think i've really got to stop or else i'm going to fall really hard back into the soda habit.

if you're interested, this is what i did:

1. take cup (on the larger side, at least a pint)
2. fill one third with crushed ice pieces
3. one pump of coconut flavored syrup (i've found that more than one pump makes it too sunscreen-y, if you know what i mean?)
4. two pumps of vanilla flavored syrup
5. fill with dr. pepper to the top
6. mix with straw
7. drink with straw

and now you should be a happier, and slightly less healthy person.  you're welcome!

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