30 July 2013

the dress.

it occurred to me last week that i think i said i'd tell about the dress a long time ago, so here's this.  sorry for dragging everything out.

i tried on the big total of one wedding dress before deciding i wasn't going to wear one.  i'd just get a white skirt or something and look nice.  jon and i were completely okay with this  and as you could probably imagine, mother goose was not really okay with this.  at least look on the david's bridal website, she told me a million times.

(that's where kylie bought and had her wedding dress altered, and the people there did an amazing job on making it temple-garment-appropriate and so so pretty.)

so i said okay, why not and clicked through their online catalogs.  and i'd just about seen and said no to all of them, but then i saw this one halter dress:

and it reminded me a lot of the dress i wore for our engagement pictures,

...which is essentially a halter with flutter sleeves. (i guess it's a little hard to tell when you don't see it in person?)

and all of a sudden i started getting ideas.  visions of a flutter-sleeved wedding dress danced in my head.

so on april 1st i went to the closest store, brought my blue dress for reference, checked to see if they had the dress in stock, and asked to speak to an alterationist to talk to her about my ideas for changes and see if they were possible.

an hour later, after trying the dress on and discovering that all of the extra fabric and some flutter sleeves that would be needed were already in stock, i had purchased a dress and schedule a fitting appointment a few weeks later after sleeves and some lining to the sheer fabric had been added.  everything just rolled together so neatly and unexpectedly and it felt a little bit like fate.

i left the place and texted jon, um, so i bought a wedding dress!
and since it was april first he asked, is this an april fools joke?

and it took a fair amount of effort to convince him that it was real, but i assured him that it was definitely not a joke.

after everything was altered the way i'd asked, this is what the dress looked like:

the woman who worked on the dress was an angel, and it turned out exactly how i'd pictured it in the beginning.  right on for vision and ridiculously fortunate circumstances for this one.

one of the more popular comments i got on the dress was, it looks really comfortable! which i thought was kind of funny because everytime that happened i thought of when we were with stacie and geoff taking pictures, and geoff said something like, your dress looks really comfortable, but it's not ugly!  best compliment ever.

to be clear, it was very comfortable.  and i was actually pretty proud of that fact, because the last thing i wanted if i got a dress was something really heavy and not easy to move in.  not ideal for summertime in the desert.  this one worked out perfectly.

anyway, that was the dress.  wedding posts over!

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