31 May 2013

this may.

sooooooo many things happened.  a ton of lines were drawn through lists and i still think that is one of the most gratifying feelings ever.  (sometimes if i remember something that i did that wasn't on the list, i'll write it down and then immediately cross it out.)  and all of those things getting done made it feel like a whole year went by.

personally i think the biggest thing that happened was me finally taking the jackets and winter outerwear off of the coat rack in my living room.  i was partly too lazy to put them away, but mostly just stupidly holding out for a freak snowstorm to come through.  but it didn't feel stupid to do at the time?  it basically happened everywhere else in the country.

i think that there are some things that are okay to hold on to, but there are other things you have to put away and just hope that one day you'll get to be with those things again.  or something.

and if you could hold on to things forever, well then my dream of having all of my favorite people in the world live on the same street as me would be a little closer to being a reality.  until then, a bunch of x's and o's for allison and matt and wes. (and a mental fist shake for texas.)

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