12 June 2013

last week.

last week we had just about every package we've ordered recently arrive at my house. (the ups man and i are practically best friends now.)  my pantry currently houses many many many cardboard boxes, full of lights, paper lanterns, candles, and balloons.  why inside the pantry?  because outside the pantry is where jon's workroom currently resides.  it's beginning to look a lot like someone else lives here.

(please roll the friends footage, of when rachel realizes she has to move out because chandler and monica are actually going through with their plans to live together.)
(and by era, i mean the one where kristin lives in a house all by herself.)

(did you see what i did there?!)
we also got our marriage license, which was a slightly amusing experience.  the woman who was working with us wasn't at all surprised when she found out that we're mormon, as indicated by her "i knew it response" when we said that we were getting married at the lds temple in mesa.  so, apparently we're obviously mormon???  i'm not even sure what that means!

anyway, she drew a heart on the envelope with all of our papers in it.  i thought it was nice?  anything to jazz up a relatively un-jazzy task, i guess.

also, both of our wedding rings arrived last week, and they were without a doubt my favorite deliveries of all time.  jon wore his around the house for a couple of days (i had to take it off for him because he wouldn't).  i wore mine for a minute, but only for that long because i like it too much and i think it would be one of those situations where the longer you're with something the harder it is to let go of it.  even if it's just for a few weeks?
and finally, we had our mini engagement party with a bunch of our tempe-mesa friends since our open house isn't going to be here.  it was so fun to see some of our favorite peoples!!

and i did a bad thing and forgot to take pictures most of the time, but i do have a few!

and i can't picture these girls without saying that i was soooo happy they came.  we talked and reminisced about all of the awesome/wonderful/crazy/insane things that we (ahem, i) did our freshman and sophomore years of college, and i laughed and smiled so much that by the end of the night i had cramps in my cheeks.  the dream is to one day reunite all of our hayden west dorm peoples, but it was the best seeing these five for a night.
we're almost there dudes!  it's weird that the closer we get, the less patient i feel.  and it doesn't help that jon occasionally starts whistling/singing the final countdown every couple of days.

(which, as i catch up on arrested development, now consistently reminds me more of the show and less of our wedding.)
(and this show, you guys... i don't really understand.)
(why is everyone obsessed with it??)
(i think i hate it more than i love it??)
(don't hate me!)

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