30 May 2013

pinches all around!

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oh hi... i'm just googling pictures of the place we'll be later this year, and these are what i found.  this is a dream, right?

jon and i toyed around with the idea of going to brazil for a long time.  and finally one day i just said "we're going" and stopped saying "yeah let's go eventually."  also, i'm pretty sure that's the secret to getting things done.

when we first checked ticket prices... yipes.  it was a heartbreaker.  (actually, a bankbreaker.)  so i did some finagling and played around with different airlines for a while. we found a cheaper option, but the trade-off was two and a half days of traveling... one-way.  non merci.  then someone told us about google flights, and we discovered that cheaper options and single travel days exist in one package!

so today we got our plane tickets to brazil, and it was probably the most fun i've ever had buying plane tickets before.  especially that whole "full name exactly as it appears on your government-issued identification" rule when a name change is due between now and trip time... and you still aren't sure about what that new name is going to be.  but like i said, there's a difference between "oh man, i have to figure out my new name and commit to it right now!!" and "eh, i've got plenty of time to think about that later," and that difference is RESULTS.

our primary destination will be recife, which is pictured above.  we are so excited, but jon isn't exactly sure how to be tourist in brazil, even though he lived there two years for his mission.  what if we get lost forever??  ohhhh well!

we'll be there during thanksgiving, which sadly means no thanksgiving day football games for us.  but hey, no first-thanksgiving-as-a-wife pressure to cook a perfect dinner, am i right?  also, it might just be the case that we'll make it a thanksgiving tradition to eat brazilian food instead of the traditional spread.

so basically, i am dying for november to get here.  and as an added bonus i'm all of a sudden thinking about all the things that i'm thankful for, and dudes... it's pretty wonderful being very aware of the fact that there's not much to be a grinch about right now.

and since we're starting to mix holidays together, i think now is a good time to end this.  merry christmas to all, and to all a good night!

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