28 May 2013

a quick something about lately, because...

my dad scolded me because i haven't blogged since the 17th.  (i didn't even know he kept up with this??)  haha, so this one's for you dad!!

memorial day is one of my favorites.  i have this romanticized idea of what memorial day will be like every year for the rest of my life, and this is it:

this is what memorial day looks like: green!!!! bright-colored bathing suits, grass that needs to be mowed the next day, fireflies
this is what memorial day sounds like: grill sizzles, laughing, high airplanes flying over, leaves rustling in the wind
this is what memorial day feels like: light breezes, the tingling thaw of coming from a cold pool to the warm sun
this is what memorial day tastes like: hot dogs, root beers, roasted marshmallows, fresh pineapple
this is what memorial day smells like: smoking charcoal, sunscreen, wet skin

the ultimate goal is to make one day of every summer weekend (and every day of labor day weekend) be like memorial day.  this year we were really close, minus all of the things that come with green places.  i probably would have pushed hard for a day trip somewhere green any other weekend, but we had a couple of things to do this weekend that required us to stay in mesa.


of those weekend things, we had a few errands that were quite reminiscent of some from last year.  there were some major soda and ice cream sales going on, and we partook.  unfortunately, this time around they aren't for us, but for future festivities.  i got the short end of the stick (read: the emptiest freezer/pantry) and everything got stored at my place.  so basically i can't open my freezer for two weeks or casually look around my pantry for a month.  cool.

aaand, the end.  let's wrap up this month in a good way.

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