04 May 2013

origin story. (sort of.)

allison and i did a photo swap of all the pictures we each had of us.  and hol-eeee she had some serious gems that made me soooo nostalgic for what life was like two and a half years ago (it seems wayyy longer than that?!)

and of alllll the gems there was this diamond in the rough:

this is the very first picture taken of me and jon at a halloween party.  it dates back to 2010.

fun fact: at this point in time, jon and i are re-acquainting ourselves with being acquaintances.

the beginning for us goes something like this:

october 2009: jon is assigned as kristin's home teacher.  she ignores his phone calls thinking he'll give up on trying to meet with her, but then he approaches her in church.  they meet once, then jon moves at the end of the month and he's not in the ward anymore.  kristin is off the hook.

october 2010: kristin and jon see each other again because, as it turns out, the girls she just made friends with (sam and allison) are also friends with jon and jason, and so she and he are at stuff together a lot.

...but like, awkwardly?  at least, i felt awkward.  i think it was because i knew i tried to blow him off multiple times the year before, and i wasn't sure if he knew for sure that i tried to do that and therefore thought i was a rude person?

(and also... after we met the first time i totally thought he was cute, but at the time i was already dating someone else and i felt guilty for thinking jon was attractive.  even a year later after that relationship was long over i still felt guilty about it.)

so i kind of ignored him.  but in a passive, inactive sort of way.  it would be more accurate to say that i just didn't make it a point to try to hang out with him.  but if he happened to be at the same place as me, i wasn't going to leave.


we didn't really start becoming friends until january 2011.  i think our class schedules were such that we always ran into each other, so it happened pretty naturally.

then february came and everything changed.
(and that's another story for an indefinite future time.)

so, to recap:
here is a picture.
it's cute, but we're only acquaintances when it's taken.
sidenote: the situation where the closest i've ever been to cheating on someone places jon in the position of the dirty mistress.
(i think this is funny.)
eventually we became friends.
and then i left out all the juicy parts after that.
the end.

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