10 May 2013

this one goes out to all the handsome blondes with a masters in aerospace whom i've pledged to marry.

(there's only one of them, fyi.)

as of yesterday jon is graduated, and he would be ever so pleased if you greeted him as "master burgoyne" the next time you see him.

though i think it would be more fitting if you referred to him as "champion of all things to be champed."

now he can go to bed at decent hours, come home after work and do whatever the heck he pleases, and eat bon-bons in his spare time - which he has now!

(and work on some of the wedding things, which up to this point he has been politely excused from.)
(i would have traded wedding-work and school-work with him in a heartbeat if i could have.)
(not really.)

and now, please enjoy this blurry and awkward photo of jon on his way out to a job interview.  (of which he is giving me a play-by-play at this moment.  eeeeeeee!)

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