30 April 2013

this april.

  • ...was a huge sigh of relief.
    • we finally got to tell everyone our secret, and it was well received.  (not shocking, but still a relief!)
    • some wedding stuff got done, which is good... but now i'm a little afraid that we'll have everything done really soon and we'll just be waiting around for the actual wedding day to come.
    • we built a plane and it flew!
    • the DBF competition and i finally reconciled our differences.
    • but we're still holding our breath.  we just need to make it to next thursday!
  • ...i wore basically the same outfit every day, just varied slightly.

  • ...i resolved to organize my collection of photos and develop an actual system.  holy bigger-task-than-i-expected.
  • ...was national poetry month!  here's my one of my favorites:
Play your guitar, boy,
Till yesterday's
Black car
Runs out tomorrow's
Back door
And evil old
Hard luck
Ain't no more!

Blues on a Box, Langston Hughes
  • ...got hot at the end.  imagining ten more degrees and a wedding dress isn't the most ideal thought.  but it will be the best, of course!

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