17 May 2013

just a normal thursday.

our friends allison and matt are moving at the end of the month, and we're so super sad about it.  but we're trying to hang out with them as much as possible!  last night we met up for a rita's date on mill avenue.

little wes is the cutest!!  sometimes if you're lucky he'll make eye contact with you and it feels like he's peering deep into your soul.

we always have fun with allison and matt and this random set up of old cars we stumbled upon was an added bonus to the night.

this little teal number (it's an austin-healey sprite) with the picnic basket was my favorite, and the owner was so nice and let me and allison sit in the driver's seat.  it was tiny but so cool!

...i want one.  it would be perfect for long scenic drives up the pacific coast!

later that night jon and i went to the movies to see the new star trek.  and hol-ee, it was something.  i was stressed out the entire time.  after it was over i realized my entire body had been tensed up the whole time because my legs and arms were legitimately sore and tired.

and good grief, what kind of a person gets a sort of post-workout soreness from watching a movie?  embarrassing.

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