29 April 2013

make AND break time. (and make again.)

a lot of my life lately has involved helping jon build his airplane for his applied project, so sorry if this is uninteresting to you.  but it's pretty much the only interesting thing worth talking about on my end.

on friday we were ready to fly it for the first time!  yeah!!

there was a lot riding on friday's flight(s).  basically, the sooner we could get a flight and whatever data he needed to write his report, the sooner the project would be completed and the more time there would be to study for his final.  (those partial differential equations have been a real pain this semester, so it's ideal if he can kick them in the face next week.)

we spent a good amount of time prepping for the flight and making adjustments, and then we were ready to go.

about four seconds after this last photo, the plane was crashed.  and not to be dramatic or anything, but it pretty much felt like someone died.

i think i stayed relatively calm.  i AM a seasoned plane-repairer, after all.  we fixed it up and we were able to squeeze in another flight on saturday.  i didn't go to that one, but i told jon to call me right after it was over and that he better not give me horrible news.  and i was on pins and needles the whole hour-ish while i waited...

and then he called me.  his tone was all serious and there were heavy sighs on his end and sinking hearts and pits in stomachs on my end.

...and wouldn't you know it, he was foolin me the whole time and the plane flew just fine and it didn't crash.  the nerve.

after school is all over we'll fly it more and get some shots with the gopro, but until then here is this:

and now you know how to build your own plane!  (right?!)

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