25 April 2013

some engagements and a story.


so, last week we had our engagement pictures taken.  (you wanna see??)  it was a really fun time, and we were so lucky to have real nice cool weather.  because sweating just isn't ideal when you're trying to look nice, you know?

and of course, we were the luckiest to be able to work with stacie and geoff.  they are so wonderful and fun!!  stacie sent me the final products last night... and you guys.  they are excellent.  stacie and geoff are excellent.  we're having that problem where we can't choose a picture to send with our announcements because they're all so good.  and that's the best kind of problem to have in this situation!

what i love most about the pictures is that when i look through them, all of the good feelings i have about jon come to the very forefront of my mind.  all i could think about last night when i went through the pictures was how crazy i am about him.  and i wasn't expecting that, to be honest.  but i'm glad it happened, and i'm so glad we had two people who are so talented that their work can elicit those kinds of emotions.

so, yeah.  referrals alllll around!

but really fast, a story.  one which embarrasses me greatly and makes jon soooo silly happy and will probably be told anytime we show these pictures to anyone ever.

while we were here by the water taking some pictures, this other group comes next to us.  they are off to the right of this picture.  when we were doing our thing, i only noticed that some people were near us and that some of them were taking pictures of someone, but i was paying the most attention to what we were doing, and i didn't exactly register who they were or what they looked like, etc.

see the crew teams in the water behind us?  just as we were leaving this spot, i looked out and noticed that they were all congregated on the water together-ish.  and i said,

"what are they doing, having a pow-wow together or something?"

and right after i ask that, i hear jon go, "SSSHHHHH!!!"

and i turn away from the water and look at jon because i wasn't expecting that response, and i see geoff's face and his eyes are wide and his face says did you just say...

as it turns out, the group that had started taking pictures next to us were native american.  and the girl having her picture taken was totally dressed all fancy in her traditional tribal clothes.

and of all the words i could have chosen to use to mean "meeting," i chose pow-wow.  and apparently i said it with a sort of snooty tone, so that makes it even worse for me.

so the pictures taken right after this moment are of jon dying laughing because he thought it was the most hilarious thing ever (he still thinks it's funny).  and i am insanely embarrassed and completely aware of the fact that jon will ALWAYS remember this whenever he sees these photos.

and now i'm trying to figure out if i should just ban all potentially offensive colloquial terms from my vocabulary or if it was just one of those "wrong time, wrong place" instances and i'll probably be okay. (but don't count on me ever using the word "pow-wow" again.)

anyway, the real moral of this post is that stacie and geoff are the best, and i'm secretly hoping that we will be neighbors living in san luis obispo one day.  :)

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