05 March 2013

things of march. (so far.)

i don't know about you, but march is just trucking along for me.  i'm altogether good with how it's going, i'd just like it to sloooooow downnnn.  by a lot.  it's feels like march started without me.  and that's rude!

the past days of march can be described as so:

  • bleh.  as in, not full-on sick, but also not great.
  • chatty.  of all things, chatty!  me!
  • overload.  so.many.church.meetings.  also, i'm pretty sure last weekend was the fifth stake conference we've had in the last year.  ooooverload.
  • surprise!  speaking of meetings, general conference is in less than a month!
  • freak-out.  anyone else totally afraid to get married or have kids or get an awesome life/job opportunity or have anything awesome happen to them after elder bednar's talk?  initially, i mean.  fear was the exact opposite of what he was actually trying to teach, but still.  (AND CAN SOMEONE CURE CANCER ALREADY??)
  • sleepy.  mind-racing doesn't exactly bode well for getting to sleep at a good hour.
  • stress.  oh the stress!  stress a-plenty, stress for everyone! stress to all and to all a nightmarish night!
  • awesome.  sarcastically, like: awesome, that dude is wearing the exact same outfit i am.
  • warm.  that winter, i think it is gone for good?
  • hood.

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