18 March 2013

on spring vacations.

as it turns out, spring break as a non-student person who just works part-time (and watches grey's for the other part) is just a normal week.  so, shoot.

in all reality though, my spring vacations in college actually meant "okay, let's catch up on schoolwork you slackah."

with, of course, the exception of spring break 2011 in which jon and i made spring break goals to be bonkers productive and motivate each other to accomplish those goals.  what ended up happening was jon gave me a cold and we both got the jimmer fever which was only cured by watching march madness at all times possible.  soooo, no productivity during spring break 2011.

i suppose that means the last real spring break i had was the one in 2008 - my senior year of high school.  my dad and i flew out here and i became acquainted with arizona state university for the first time.  it was during that trip, with the "sixty-degrees-in-march?!" high that i knew for sure i wanted to be here.  all of the sudden, all the tears shed over all my ruined california school dreams seemed silly and my last choice of colleges jumped right up to first.

(i like to think of this as the king of all the cinderella stories of all the march madness-es of the world.  too bold a thought?)

last week when i was moping a little over lack of vacation, i remembered that future springs breaks mean that the kids are at home instead of at school and won't that just be the best thing in the world??

needless to say, i stopped moping.
(also, bless my mother's heart for all the spring breaks she has survived with me around.)
in other semi-related news...

...this is what happens just when i say "hi!" to them.

i'm hoping that by the time i have kids this age that i've mastered the part-mom, part-jungle-gym act. (i think i'm pretty close.) maybe then i can just plan on being in crazy awesome shape by the time spring vacations are over?

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