04 March 2013

seester, pretty seester.

i asked bekki last week if i could use her to practice taking pictures of people on purpose and see if it's something i like to do. (verdict? tbd.) when i took these pictures, bekki and i both were out of our comfort zones.  i don't often take pictures of people (oh no, the subject is moving!), and she doesn't really know what to do with herself when she's in front of a camera. (what do i do with my hands?!?)

is it still acceptable to get nervous in front of a camera?  good grief, i hope so.  social media nothin'... being on camera all the time just isn't natural.

i think it might just be a family thing.  us hoods have never been on top of yearly family portraits and taking pictures every day of every single thing.  so that explains nervousness?  and by today's standards, i guess that that means we're abnormal...??

in defense of my parents i'm pretty sure they don't know how to use digital cameras, the very things that are why people can take a million pictures a day so easily.  camera phones are a little different for them.  mother goose just explained to me her frustration when she tried to take a video on her phone of my brother getting his black belt but all she could see on the screen was her own face.  she didn't know how to fix the problem, so she missed her chance.  dual-facing cameras: ya love em and hate em, am i right?

(did i just defend my parents or throw them under the technologically-savvy bus?)

i've always been okay with the lack of picture-taking growing up, but to be honest i'm probably going to take an obnoxious amount of pictures of my kids one day.  i'm all for sticking to my hood roots, but i'm probably going to turn on this one.

i'm not sure if i'm going anywhere with this post?  there are opinions to be explored concerning how many "professional" portraits a person/family needs in their life (or in a single year) and what actually constitutes an occasion worthy of portraits, but i'm more interested in showing off my sister than offending someone.

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