02 March 2013

on this day, in 2011.

"life is crazy.  i don't pretend to know how or why things happen the way they do, but it never ceases to amaze me how Heavenly Father places meaningful things in my life that are seemingly unimportant until they slap me in the face later with great importance.

i'm not exactly sure of how i got to this point, but i'm not complaining.  i've been alerted to the fact that i get really happy and smiley whenever i see jon.  i feel silly thinking about it, but i can't help it.

but that doesn't mean it will all be happy and easy.  i know tough times will still come in my life, regardless.  but it's nice to just be happy and silly now."


this is a journal entry i wrote two years ago, the day after jon and i started dating the first time.
(ignore the poorly written quality of it?  i was probably really incoherent then.)

ummmm... clairvoyant much??

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