28 February 2013

this february...

...was a little hectic.  it was fast and twisted and... a little crazy.  but a good crazy?  in short, the month was like this: work went well and really picked up for a while, i made a lot of cookies, and the sun warmed things up and i got to lay out in the sun for the first time in a reeeeeally long time. (side note: back in july i was watching jon play soccer and unfortunately i was wearing leggings instead of shorts and in just a little over an hour i obtained these really dark obvious lines on my shins.  it has taken FOREVER for them to fade so i can start getting a tan again without making it worse.)

going around in circles

i did a lot of thinking about my future and life and what on earth i'm going to do with it all.  i didn't really get anywhere.  just spun around in a lot of circles and gave myself many of headaches.

i got addicted to grey's anatomy, which is ironic for a few reasons.  the first is that i can barely even watch half the show because i have to close my eyes and ears or else i will pass out. (truth: a few episodes have made me light-headed and i either had to take a break or stop watching.)  the second is that this show used to make me cry every time i saw it, and so i swore to myself that i would stop watching it because crying at movies and tv is a lame, bad feeling.

i started to knit a hat, and then i stopped knitting a hat.

i watched the last football game of the season on the worst possible television network to possibly have to watch it on.  even still, i miss football so bad i'd watch it on cbs all the same.

accident shot

just listing random things like this, it doesn't seem like i did very much in february.  and maybe i really didn't, but it sure feels like i did a lot.


  1. I like this post. I can't even really say why, but I do. And that picture is beautiful!