20 March 2013

the five stages (or signs) of spring.

1: free rita's today!  if you've never had water ice, well by golly you're missing out.  and what is water ice?  it's like snow cone and a slushie had a baby.  one that tastes really good.  this is how jon describes eating a water ice:
it's juicy all over!!

if you've ever had one, you know exactly what he's talking about.  and you also know that's the best description ever of a water ice.

2: march madness.  and the obligatory "these are the odds of a perfect bracket" article.

3: twitterpation.  (yes, it could even happen to YOU!)

4: graduation.  oh please can we be there already?  jon is just short of killing himself trying to finish, and i'd like very much for it to not have to come to that.  (also, if the engineering convocation is anything like last year's, i'd very much like to see my boss wearing sunglasses and dancing around.)

5: acceptance.  from here to november it's nothing but (really) warm, baby.

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