19 March 2017

listening listening listening.

Here's what I've been listening to lately!

1. John Mayer
His newest album is slowly but surely making its way out into the world and it's so good.  (and also about dang time.)  Eventually I'm going to see this guy live, but I don't think this year's tour is going to be it.  Fingers crossed it will produce a live album and that it will be as good as Where the Light Is.

I've actually had my John Mayer playlist in modest rotation for the last year or so.  We listened to Born and Raised all throughout our California visit last July, and it will forever remind me of that state as long as I listen to it.  The song Wildfire from Paradise Valley is the one we chose to play over our video documenting that trip, and Theo is especially fond of it.

John Mayer is also good music for cooking to, as it turns out.  Must be that relaxed tempo.

2. Ludovico Einaudi
I discovered this artist in my quest to find some solid contemporary classical music that heavily features piano.  Admittedly I haven't conducted that deep of a search because I found Einaudi pretty quickly and liked him enough to stop looking for some time.  Lots of piano the way I like, and even Jon (the heavy metal fan) likes a few of the songs.

This music is also good for cooking, but lately I've been preferring it for writing.

3. Moana soundtrack
I'm sorry, have I mentioned our Moana obsession before?  Not a morning goes by where I don't wake up with a song from this movie already in my head.  The score is also pretty good, and I find it difficult not to hum along all throughout the movie.

Sort of related: Jon and I were talking about LMM becoming a household name and we wondered how often that happens to Broadway folk.  We could only think of Andrew Lloyd Webber, but it's difficult to compare the two.  Like, one of those guys is definitely a recognized name in my parents' house, but the other one isn't really.  Maybe it's a generational thing?

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