27 March 2017

3 things.

1. For the majority of the year, I am always looking forward to winter.  Or at least, whatever Arizona's version of winter is, however few months it always ends up being.  And somehow I always forget how amazing Arizona's version of spring is (not the mean 90 degree weeks, but the regular 70s-80s range).  It's hard to lament the end of the 60 degree weather season when it's replaced with spring and all its warmth, orange blossom smells, and thriving herb garden attempts.

Last year it seemed to us that spring lasted longer than usual.  All throughout last May we found ourselves saying on multiple weekends, "this is probably going to be the last nice weekend before summer."  I'm hoping we have a repeat of that in 2017 and spring hangs around here as long as possible.

2. I more or less finished Breath of the Wild this week, and... sigh.  It's like when you get to the end of a book or television series, and the ending is good but you're also like "but!  i want to know what's going to happen now!"  It was such a fun game, even if the beginning's difficulty for me was unprecedented as far as Zelda games go.  Like, I've never had so many GAME OVERs happen to me in my life before Breath of the Wild.  I'm already looking forward to a second play-through (whenever that happens), and also all of the things I forgot about from the game when I started weeks ago.

3. The other day I remembered these nightmares I had when I was nearing the end of my pregnancy with Theo.  I would open a closet in the house and discover my baby just sleeping there at the bottom, and then with horror I realized that I hadn't fed my baby in days because I'd completely forgotten (I also had this dream but with a puppy I'd forgotten to feed instead of a baby).  When I woke up from these dreams, I genuinely had this fear and paranoia that somehow that would happen in real life.  Which, I realize now is laughable.  Because babies let you know when they are hungry, but so does your body (if you breast feed) and there will be plenty of screaming and pain to let you know to feed your kid.

Occasionally I find that I forget to feed myself, which seems like it would be impossible given my love of food.  But when I throw myself into books or hobbies (or video games), I find myself putting off food in favor of one more chapter.  One more photo to edit.  One more undiscovered shrine.  And then it's another chapter, another series of pictures to look over for improvements, another area of the map to be explored, and another hour of my angry stomach who probably wishes I'd listen to it the same way I do to a hungry, yelling toddler.

Anyway, I wish I could turn hunger on and off.  And I wish I could stop thinking about how convenient and potentially awesome such an ability would be.

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