21 November 2016

two years!

Young Theodore is now two!

Theo is a funny kid who constantly entertains us.  It's impossible to know how many nights before I fall asleep I just scroll through every picture and video of him on my phone, but it has been A LOT.  He's funny, sweet, and weird which is actually the perfect combination of traits for a toddler to have.

Theo's favorite day of the week is Monday, which is garbage truck day.  I try to plan for us to be at home Monday mornings so he can wave to every garbage truck that drives by.  In fact he will wave to any truck he sees, including extra-large pickup trucks.  Bonus points for any vehicles with flashing lights we see while out on the road.  Theo might be the only person who gets excited to see red and blue flashing lights while in the car.

Theo's least favorite day of the week is Sunday, which is "I-have-to-wear-stuffy-clothes-and-be-quiet-for-a-long-time" day.  Would you believe it if I found myself thinking multiple times this year: "Man, I took YSA wards for granted."?  Sundays were rough for us most of this year, but we are hopeful.  In a few weeks our services will start at 9:00 am.  Which, YOU GUYS.  We have lived every bit of Theo's life (HIS NAPPING LIFE) with 11:00 am church and it is a miracle we're still living.  Also, Theo is fully in nursery without one of his parents there, and it certainly took forever to get to this point, but we're here and it's amazing.  Praise every nursery teacher who has ever calmed a screaming child.

Theo loves to "help."  Be it at the grocery store, in the garage doing laundry, or cleaning up spilled water, he is very into being of assistance.  I've also come to learn that when he is stuffing random objects under door cracks or into chests or bookshelf areas where they don't belong, it's his way of tidying up.  I tell you, the day I figured that out I just about melted.

He also loves to "fist bump," so if you ever meet him and he's being really shy just hold out your fist and ask for knucks.  Instant ice-breaker.

He loves to be outside, gives the best hugs, gets sad when someone on tv cries, and will laugh hysterically at a two second video of a completely black screen.  Funny, sweet, and weird.

Happy birthday, Theo.  I think you're just the best.

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