30 November 2016

(rule-breaking) thanksgiving 2016.

This year we went to Saint Johns for Thanksgiving, and we had a great time.  Jon and his siblings were particularly excited to celebrate the holiday at their parents' home, which I'd been told they hadn't done in 20 or so years!  It was a busy, food-ful few days.  There were about a million side dishes (as there should be!), and nearly one pie for every single adult there.

But not for me!  This summer I made my first pies ever, and while they turned out just fine I've come to the conclusion that pie is just not my jam.  Who knows what that says about me, but I'm just owning it and moving on with my life.  I don't love pie!  But that left me with the question: what am I going to eat for dessert??

Because a Thanksgiving meal isn't complete without a dessert, pie or not.

So less than a week before the big day I decided I was going to make a non-pie dessert, and I decided that that dessert was going to be a chocolate tart.  In making and following through with this decision I broke the single most important rule of preparing food for friends/family, which is NEVER SERVE SOMETHING YOU HAVE NEVER MADE BEFORE.

But I ignored that screaming in my head because:
(1) I knew that if I wanted a non-pie dessert I needed to bring it
(2) I've been craving chocolate tart since I had one nearly every day during my Paris trip
(3) I was using a recipe from Cook's Illustrated, and they/ATK have never ever failed me.

Anyway, the moral of the story is to always follow the rules because you can't get stupid lucky every time.

New Thanksgiving tradition?  Check!!

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