18 February 2016

what just happened??

1. We bought a house and moved into it, whaaaaaaaaaaat!!!

2. Becoming a homeowner for the first time is a funny thing, because you simultaneously feel rich and poor.  Like, there is relief in seeing something you don't like and thinking, Oooh, I can fix that!  But then there is also dread in something breaking and thinking, Oh man, I have to fix that.

3. Theo got a slight ear infection and side effects of his antibiotics have resulted in a mean case of diaper rash.  We've been treating it with lots of sunlight and what I call "naked bum time."  It is my favorite time of the day, and currently my phone is full of Theo's cheeks.  Fortunately the weather has been freakishly warm the last little while, so I don't need to worry about his bum freezing.  I actually haven't been grumbling about 80s in February because of this.  So... yay for diaper rash???

4. I have passionately angry thoughts about tiled floors.  I will not take this opportunity to unload them all here because I haven't sworn once today and I'm not going to blow the day ranting about grout AGAIN.  Maybe another day, like when we eventually tear it up and I dance victoriously over its shattered remains.

5. You guys.  I hate tiled floors so much.

6. My cooking days have been practically nonexistent since our holiday party in December, and I can't even remember the last time I tried a new recipe.  But everything is unpacked and I need to get back in the kitchen!  (because Jon demands it.) (KIDDING.)

7. Theo's movie of choice lately has been Inside Out, which I am very supportive of (I am all dalmatian-ed out) but also will I ever NOT cry at this movie?!?  Anyway, the first ten minutes or so of the movie is really the only part that grabs his undivided attention, and I am pretty sure it has more to do with the music that plays than the pictures.  Theo has always seemed to receive music well, but moreso with music from movies.  This is a little hilarious to me because both Jon and I have an appreciation for soundtracks (albeit VERY DIFFERENT ones) and it's just another instance in which I wonder if Theo will grow up with more of Jon's preferences or mine.  No word yet on how Theo receives the full-orchestra-epic-battle-scene-music, but I'm sure a positive response would please Jon and wrinkle my nose.

8. Also, Theo's favorite part is when Disgust first comes out, and I'm wondering if this counts as his first celebrity crush.

9. The last seven weeks have left me stressed beyond belief, but the end is in sight and I can see some calmness and normalcy ahead.  I feel as though I can finally give 2016 a proper greeting and get working on figuring out those resolutions.  I feel a little sorry that January passed by and I seem to have missed it in all of the insanity, but I guess that's just how things go.  I declare today a virtual January 1st.  Welcome 2016!  Again!

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