13 January 2016

bits and pieces.

1. I recently bought a few packs of jelly beans and have discovered that Theo likes them as well.  Fortunately for me he doesn't care one bit what the flavor is, so I've given him all of the ones I don't like.  He's been smelling a lot like buttered popcorn lately.

2. Not too long ago Jon off-handedly mentioned that my maiden name is a much easier one to manage/say than his own name, and then he jokingly suggested that he should have taken my last name instead.  (What an idea!)  "Cumbersome" is what he called his name, and it's sadly true.  Meanwhile "Hood" provided lots of fun nicknames, not to mention a quick signature.  But then!  This weekend we realized our names lend to parodies of Aaron Burr's signature in Your Obedient Servant.  So score one for the clunky last name!  (the first half!)

(I have informed Jon that all passive aggressive texts to him from me will now end with "I have the honor to be your obedient servant, K dot Bur."  He appreciates it as a signifier.)

3. I'm still working and reworking my resolutions for the year.  Usually it doesn't take so long, but things have already changed so much in the last two weeks, and calls for revision keep coming up!  I'm not talking like, oops I gained five pounds I better change that one weight loss goal to only losing three pounds!  More like, oops we bought a house, I guess that trip to Paris is out!

4. Seriously though, we bought a house.

5. !!!!!

6. I love Theo almost as much as he loves himself and the front-facing camera.


  1. Ok. I love this! Happy house!!! I hope it's just fabulous!