16 December 2015

fantastic fantasy series and how can i be creative enough to come up with my own?

You guys, it feels so good to be excited for another movie that goes back into the wizarding universe. When I watched this, I felt exactly the same way I did when I was twelve and the first Harry Potter movie was releasing.

Side story:  I remember taping the Harry Potter commercials on our VCR (!!!) so I could rewatch them.  (No Youtubes back in 2001.)  And even though I was recording the same commercials every day, I didn't even care.  I also eventually learned the commercial schedules and knew exactly when the Harry Potter one would appear.  ALSO!  I remember that during some primetime television show, there was promised to be a special premiere of a clip from the movie.  This clip turned out to be the scene in Ollivander's shop when Harry Potter gets his wand, and I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT SCENE EVER.  It is seared into my brain for all eternity.

That's all, I just needed to nerd out and be excited about this somewhere.  Also, pleased to be worshipping the greatest tweet of all tweeting history:


Also, any ideas how a Harry Potter musical would play out?  Get Miranda on it, I'm sure it would be the best.

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