14 December 2015

family pictures 2015.

Last month we had our pictures taken, and is it bad to say that we were completely shocked that they turned out well?  We had complete faith in our photographer (Brittney Gurr, who is a miracle worker), but were less confident in ourselves being able to come together for a decent picture.  As it turns out, Theo is magically photogenic, a trait he inherited from neither of his parents.  A Muggle-born, if you will.

This year we managed to get our Christmas cards and newsletter sent out more than two days before Christmas day, probably mostly thanks to a lack of six-week-old babies around and deciding to move a week and a half before the holidays.  Comparatively, this holiday season has seemed so easy, like I could do it three more times in a row!!  Not really, but for some reason getting the cards sent out on time has felt like the biggest accomplishment of the year, and now I feel like I can do anything!

(Except get Theo to keep his socks on.  Do they make sock garters for babies??)

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