01 November 2015

we're back.

We've just returned from a long stay in Irvine, California.  Jon was called back to work there another two weeks, and after the last reunion between Jon and Theo went horribly wrong sad, Theo and I went with him.

I wasn't 100% looking forward to the trip.  It seemed as though it would be more of a prison sentence than a break of vacation.  We were all together in a studio hotel room, and it turned out we'd learn that Theo is easily prone to cabin fever.  Plus Theo would be without his usual things to play with, and I'd be without my usual things to cook with.  And worst of all, Theo is not old enough to appreciate Disneyland yet.  Oh, the inhumanity.

But we managed to survive by braving the chilly pool, roaming malls, and tallying up all the Teslas we saw. (11) (Jon recently read a biography on Elon Musk and has Tesla on the brain.)

We also went on a grand food adventure of Orange County and ate very well during the two weeks.  There are a million places to eat in the OC, and we didn't even scratch the surface.  But if you're in the area we definitely have a variety of recommendations for you.  (reviews to come soon!)

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