04 November 2015

twelve months!

I am officially the parent of a one year old.  How is that even possible???

Theo is constantly moving, so half of the pictures we take of him are blurry.  He prefers the fastest mode of transportation, which is why he hasn't been so keen on adopting his next stages of movement.  It was the army crawl for the longest time, since he could worm around faster than anything else.  Now it's the regular crawl, which he really gets into sometimes by bowing his head down and slapping his hands down on the floor.  He has taken about three steps total in his life, which were around a month ago.  He hasn't shown any interest in it since.  But I am sure that when he does take on upright mobility, his preferred state will be running.  Help.  (I actually had a dream last night in which he was running in a circle and I've been deciding on whether or not I should categorize that dream as a nightmare.)

He loves to eat and drink.  Thus far he is very willing to try just about anything we put near his mouth (including non-food items).  His favorite foods are ice cream, raspberries, peas, and bread.  He loves to drink from his straw-sippy-cup, but more than that he loves to suck up the water and then let it dribble out of his mouth and all over his clothes and wherever he is sitting.

He is just starting to pay attention to the television.  He still tends to only be interested whenever there is music playing.  I have a Youtube playlist of Disney songs I play when I need him to focus up on something for a short time.  Without a doubt though, his favorite thing to watch is 101 Dalmatians.  I often play the opening song and credits over and over whenever he is in crisis or cranky, and it calms him down nearly ever time.  Honestly, it has been one of the biggest lifesavers, and to the person who uploaded it onto Youtube... I owe you so much.  I think maybe I should ask you to be Theo's godparent.

He prefers no clothes, and relishes the times when I am too tired to change him into something new and he gets to crawl around in just a diaper.  He also loves bath time splashing water all over and his favorite tub toy is the bottle of baby shampoo.

He is sooooooo loud, like unbelievably loud, and it is hilarious but also a little embarrassing when he has an nonsense-rambling outburst in public.  This kid wants to talk, there's no question about it.  Once he learns he will probably never stop.

He is a cranky waker-upper and an avid animal cracker eater.  The best way to get his attention is to start playing a video of himself (sometimes he literally only listens to himself).  He hates cuddling, he loves the wind all in his face, and he is the hammiest ham and cheese sandwich ever.  With extra cheese.

Happy Birthday, young Theodore!  This has been the craziest year of my life, but you are wonderful.  I love you, and your dad loves you.  I am happy to have this day to celebrate your presence in my life.

(and also to celebrate Jon and me because, you know... we survived.)

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