17 August 2015

SLO 2015.

Visiting San Luis Obispo (SLO) every August has become a sort of accidental tradition for us, and I am not complaining.  It was fun to take Theo for his first visit, and he got to meet his tai gung gung and tai nai nai (my mother's parents) finally!

One of the great things about SLO is that it isn't technically a coastal town, but the ocean is 15 minutes away.  It benefits from being crazy close to the ocean, but also from not being too close.  We introduced Theo to the ocean from three different places: Morro Bay, Cambria (both of which have been featured here before) and Avila Beach.

Morro Bay:
Morro Rock Morro Bay California
morro rock at sunset

our favorite place to watch (get soaked by) waves!

this year i noticed a ton of kelp deposited further in.  was it always there??

you can't tell because theo's sweater is covering his shirt, but we are all matching in this photo

Avila Beach:

family selfies.  famfies?

the sweetest face, he couldn't take his eyes off the water

The visit was, as always, a welcome reprieve from the heat (though I wish our current heat wave had happened while we were gone).  It's been tough unpacking cool weather clothes that I know I probably won't be able to wear comfortably for another three months... and so I've basically put it off.  (Somehow it always take me weeks to unpack after a trip)

Theo probably won't get to visit SLO as many times as I have, but hopefully he will get to go enough times to appreciate it like I do.  See you again next year (hopefully)!!

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