05 August 2015

nine months!

Well, we are pretty sure our kid has completely exited the "baby" stage and is now in the "little boy" stage.  It is simultaneously sad, relieving, and terrifying.

Theo is fully mobile now, which is exhausting.  While he generally tends to stay close, every once in a while he surprises us and lets us know that nothing is off limits.  The best way to get him to sit still is to show him either the opening sequence of the Curious George tv show, or the opening credits of 101 Dalmatians.  (Think we know those two by heart?  You bet we do.)  He also will stop whatever he's doing whenever he hears himself in a video that we've recorded of him.  Proof that sometimes he will literally only listen to himself.

We have bought him a few toys, but honestly his favorites things to play with are regular household items: my wallet, the recycling and trash bins, and empty cardboard boxes.  He is particularly fond of remotes and last month he slobbered our Apple TV remote to death - as if to say, "this is mine now, you can no longer use it."

He is the most non-picky eater I never expected.  Of course, there is still time for the pickiness to arrive, but for now he eats anything we put near his mouth.  He loves avocado and bread, but most of all, ice cream. (go ahead, judge us!)

He has found his voice, and it is LOUD.  We have reached the point where silence is suspicious and loud squawking is the norm.

Appearance-wise, he looks like a giant.  We aren't around other babies/children on a regular basis, but when we are we realize just how big and tall he is.  His once crazy, stand-up-straight hair has now calmed down and flattened, and much of his chubbiness has disappeared due to the increase in movement.

He loves stroller rides and treating his parents like jungle gyms.  He is the best traveller and loves sleeping with his "foofies" (a blanket and a small rectangle knitted with super-soft yarn).  He is happy and energetic and 100% our favorite.  We love him to death and are having the best time with him these days.

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