21 December 2014

as of late.

For the past few months Jon and I have found ourselves browsing rental listings around the area near his work.  We decided a little while ago that come springtime we would pack up our things and move out there.  This way Jon doesn't have to drive fifty miles a day and he gets at least another hour in the day to do what he needs to.  Plus, let's face it, we are ready to move on from life in our Phoenix apartment.  No more evil pigeons, no more stolen packages, and no more neighbors whose recreational activities require the visitation of a SWAT team.  Plus how amazing would some privacy be, not having to share walls with loud neighbors, especially now with Theo here.  And a backyard.  Oh, a dreamy backyard would be everything.

So two weeks ago I'm going through the listings and daydreaming about what our life could/would be like in a few months.  Then I see it: this house that leaps out at me with all of the stars and exclamation points in the world.  And I call Jon over and he looks at it and says something like, Wow that place looks amazing, and I say something like, We NEED to live there.

And right now I am sitting in that house.

It has been an insane two weeks, and I can't say I recommend packing up and moving out across town over the course of a few days with a six week old right before Christmas.  But hey, if the place is worth it, it is absolutely do-able. DO IT.

We love this place so much already.  It's bright and spacious and everything that our dark hole of an apartment wasn't.  (To be clear, there were many things we very much liked about our last home, it wasn't all bad.)

And the backyard.  The dreamy backyard.  It has grass that is bright green and it doesn't look nasty or horrific when it starts to overgrow.  Instead it looks charming and picturesque, so we've taken to calling it The Meadow.  We can't wait to see Theo playing out there when he's bigger.  He looooves to stare out of our windows into the backyard (at least, that's what we say he does, who knows what he's actually doing) and the other day we took him out there for the first time.  He seemed so curious and intrigued by the new surroundings and seeing him out there made me so glad we did everything we could to move here.

So that's that, we are here in a new place and it feels good.  We may not fully get unpacked until our lease is up, but we are here and we love it already.

And we are also very tired.


  1. So happy for you! The yard looks awesome and Theo looks adorable. We are kind of living parallel lives right now. 2 weeks ago we moved into a new house with our new baby. And we moved specifically for a backyard! So anyway, things have been crazy lately. But I do want to come visit once the Holidays are over and everything settles back down a little bit!

    1. ha, it sounds like we are all a bunch of crazy people!

  2. Amen sista! We just moved from a one bedroom apartment to a 3 bedroom house and the space and privacy is a glorious change. How fun to start out this new chapter of your lives in a new place. Just think of all the fun you'll have with cute Theo in your new home! Wohoo!

    1. isn't it amazing the difference that one or two rooms make!?