11 November 2014

early thanksgiving.

One week ago I had a baby.  I can remember his birth with an amazing amount of clarity, it feels like it was yesterday.  But it also feels like Theo has been in my life for so much longer.  After one week I am pleased to say that we've all survived.  Holla!!

One year ago, we found out that I miscarried.  This is also a day I remember quite clearly, and today I thought about it for a just little bit.  I thought about how crushed I was when the doctor told us the news.  I thought about how hard I had to keep from crying while scheduling the next appointment with the receptionist, and I thought about the total breakdown I had immediately after exiting the office doors.  But mostly I remembered one of the things that I was excited for during that pregnancy - that we would be a family of three by the time the 2015 holiday season came around.  The miscarriage meant that we would not have a child by the next Thanksgiving or Christmas, and for some reason I dwelled on that for a long time with a lot of sadness.

And one year later, here we are.  We have a week-old baby, who is the most perfect human being, and we we got him just in time for the holidays, which I am sure are going to mean a lot more this year than they ever have before.  Today was a sweet day in which I got to fawn over my kid like usual, but today I did so with so much gratitude given the memories of this day from last year.  I'm so thankful for this last week of my life and can only assume it gets even better from here on out.


  1. I am so happy for you and I want to come visit and meet him whenever you are up for it! I'd leave my little ones at home to avoid bringing any extra chaos into your house!

    1. Sure! We starting to see non-family visitors next week so any time that works for you. Also, you have a new little boy!! I wanna meet him too!!