26 February 2014

in the dark of the night.

Last night I dreamt that one of the Mia Maids in our ward had just become engaged.  And while I was slightly concerned that her engagement ring was eerily similar to my own, I'm pleased to say that I was ten times more distraught that she was fourteen and getting ready to be married.

The night before I dreamt that in the middle of one night I snuck out, went to the airport, flew out to Pennsylvania, and made my way back to our old neighborhood.  It was still dark outside. (apparently it only took an hour to fly there)  A volcano had replaced the maximum security prison that was (is) really close by and parts of the neighborhood had pools of lava and trees on fire.  Our old house was unoccupied, and I sat on the front porch until the sun came up and the volcanic activity got really intense and destructive.  Then I called Jon to tell him where I was, in case he had been wondering.  He had been wondering, but he was okay with what I'd done.

The night before that I dreamt that the Cowboys won the Super Bowl and it was the most terrible thing ever.  The one good part about the dream was that pretty much everyone was in agreement with me.  Peyton Manning (not as a player in the game) even gave an interview and I quote: "You know, if it was a deserving team like the Steelers, that would be fine.  But the Cowboys do not deserve this at all."  (For the record, the Steelers are also terrible, but they are at least preferable to the Cowboys.)

The night before that when I wasn't sleeping I had horrifying images of bloody, torn up corpses all over thanks to Jon deciding he was going to try watching The Walking Dead.  (About three years ago we tried watching it and we didn't make it past the first fifteen minutes, but he thought that maybe Grey's Anatomy helped desensitized himself and sure enough he can watch it now.  I still can't, but I saw that first episode with him and it was so.gross.)  I kept trying to sing "Everything is Awesome" in my head because that is currently my "hum your favorite hymn" song (and my earworm song), but "everything is awesome" is all I know, and as soon as I finished those words the corpses would come back.  It was terrible.

The night before that I had a moment of crisis concerning an issue that really plagues me almost on a daily basis now.  And it's probably something actually worth talking about more than strange dreams where weird, horrible things happen.  But for now I'm distracting myself with the silly things and avoiding the more serious.  Because I guess that's what you do when things are tough?

Here's to less distressing nights in the future!

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