05 December 2013

honeymoon day three, San Francisco.

date: Saturday, 10 August 2013
stop: San Francisco

San Francisco California Golden Gate Bridge

On Saturday morning we visited San Francisco.  Per visitor obligations, a stop at the Golden Gate Bridge.  It was overcast and dreamy, and downtown looked sleepy under the low clouds from the bridge.

San Francisco Bay California

And of course, we stopped at Pier 39.  We imagined what it would be like to have a boat (fun to ride, not fun to maintain or keep), had the special at Chowders (clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl, yum), and I grabbed the largest peach I could find at the fruit stand and it was the most delicious (and expensive) peach I have ever eaten.

San Francisco Bay California

Kristin in HD
It was a little windy.

San Francisco California Pier 39 Chowders
Bread bowls for everyone!!

Kristin in HD

Portraits of the day:

Kristin in HD
Awesome photo bomb.

Golden Gate Bridge photo bomb

Kristin in HD

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